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NHL Players are Supplementing with Turmeric and the Benefits are Remarkable, Here's Why

Turmeric, it's more than just a spice to add flavor and color to your cuisine. In fact the evidence is starting to accumulate that turmeric reduces inflammation, improves recovery and can be as effective as Tylenol in reducing osteoarthritis pain.

I started using turmeric after a good friend recommended I try turmeric ginger shots about a year ago. I was admittedly skeptical, but he swore it had significantly reduced his joint pain. As someone who lives with chronic neck pain, I was intrigued.

I'm the first to point out that a study of one person, is not 'evidence', however after doing some reading, I started to learn that there were some data on turmeric and it's powerful capabilities and I wasn't alone in my experience.

Turmeric falls more into the alternative medicine category, and it was important to me that I find an expert on the topic, since credibility is key for all of my podcasts. I was fortunate to have previously met Dr. Ravi Mohan and was able to invite him on as a guest.

Dr. Ravi Mohan, Canadian Physician, PhD Exercise Physiology. Founder Root Rescue Wellness

Dr. Mohan is a practicing physician in Canada. He has his PhD from Oxford University in Exercise Physiology and he has first hand experience in the benefits and turmeric as well as research on turmeric which he continues to do today.

Here are some of the things you'll learn today when you tune into the podcast:

  • The difference between acute and chronic inflammation

  • How turmeric impacts inflammation

  • Disease states that stem from chronic inflammation

  • Pros and Cons of different types of turmeric supplements (liquids/powder/extract/)

  • How to juice turmeric for optimal bioavailability

  • How often do you need to consume it?

  • What did studies on the NHL players show? What dose where they taking and how often?

  • Athletes and acute inflammation. Do we want to dampen it?

  • Does black pepper improve bioavailability?

  • Why combine ginger with turmeric? What are the benefits?

  • Prevention vs the band-aid approach

  • Turmeric vs Tylenol for osteoarthritis - What does the science say? (Podcast correction: Paracetamol is Tylenol but in the podcast we spoke about Advil after its mention. Just wanted to clarity that here!)

  • Dr. Mohan's thoughts on imperfect progress? Listen to what he has to say about his health, overcoming adversity and the importance of excellent relationships.

It's difficult to find quality evidence based information about turmeric on the internet. As you'll hear, Dr. Mohan has a very well balanced philosophy on how turmeric can fit into your life and the importance of making it a ritual if you do decide to incorporate it.

As always, I enjoy conversations with Dr. Mohan, he's an incredible person. I'm still floored that he delivers his shots IN PERSON too. It really speaks to how much he cares about people, his clients and patients.

Although he didn't mention his product throughout the entire podcast, because this wasn't about marketing, rather about educating, I did ask him to tell us about it at the end! If you're interested in trying turmeric/ginger shots or beet juice/ginger shots, check out the links below to Root Rescue Wellness. I hope you are able to reap the health benefits of turmeric yourself and even experiment with your own juicing at home. I have and it's fun and delicious! Just watch out as it stands your hands!

Thank you for being a part of this learning community. I am excited to share this information today about something that has really positively impacted my life. If you found this useful please share it with friends and on your favorite social media platform. You can tag me @guzmannutrition on twitter or @guzmananne on IG and find me on LinkedIn at Anne Guzman or here on FB.

I'd be super grateful if you could take a quick moment now and head over to Apple or Spotify and rate my podcast. It helps more people get their eyes on credible information and that is the purpose of everything I do. I want to cut through the pseudoscience and share the facts.

Until next time, keep moving, remember that progress is imperfect and we are all on this crazy non linear path to where we are going. Don't forget to stop and pat yourself on the back for how far you've come and find reasons to stay hopeful for where you are going.

You can learn more about Dr. Ravi Mohan below, check out the athletes using his products on IG and purchase turmeric ginger and beet shots at the links below if you're interested. To connect with him, send a message through IG or through the website as he's not on social media otherwise.

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(Podcast correction. In the podcast I mention a study comparing turmeric to paracetamol, and then we discuss Advil. Paracetamol is Tylenol)

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