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Anne Guzman MSc, CISSN, PN1 - Founder​, Sports Nutritionist, Former Professional Road Cyclist

Everyone has an opinion about your sports nutrition, and that gets confusing."

I’ve got you. Sports nutrition can be simple and shouldn't be overwhelming. You don't have to start from scratch. I’ll simplify it, listen to you and make your sports nutrition work for you.

Now, I’m sure what you really want to know is if I’m any good at what I do?

That’s a yes. I’ve helped hundreds of athletes around the world feel more energetic, powerful and resilient.

  • Athletes who fizzled in the last quarter of their races; they're now feeling as powerful through the finish line and having breakthrough races.

  • Athletes who were afraid to eat enough carbohydrates, now have way more strength endurance and top end then they ever knew.

  • Athletes who were cramping regularly. They now focus on their race tactics instead of dreading the eventual twitch in the quads or calves.

  • Athletes who didn’t understand how to assess what they were eating. Now they’re not guessing about their energy needs, they're meeting them.

  • Athletes with iron deficiency, who thought the only solution was a pill (sometimes it’s part of the solution but not always), now know how to maintain good iron status.

  • Athletes with gastrointestinal upset, the kind that stops your race dead in its tracks. They’re sprinting through finish lines now.

  • Pregnant athletes who wanted to make sure they were meeting any additional nutrient needs they needed during pregnancy. They ended up with peace of mind.

  • Athletes who believed their sports nutrition supplements were more important than their cycling nutrition foundation.

It's frustrating to train hard and not see the improvements you think you should. Sometimes the bridge from good to great is having a sports nutrition plan and knowing how to execute it.

I was once the athlete who thought I ate well, yet I was bonking regularly, falling apart in long races, experiencing low blood sugar/dizziness and cramping badly during hot summer races. The best way I can explain it is

I often had ‘empty legs,’ with the occasional day where I felt like a Rockstar.


Sound familiar? I know where you’re coming from!

After years of time invested learning how nutrition works with our physiology, I started to apply everything to myself. Little by little, my stamina improved, my low blood sugar (which landed me in the hospital a few times), was getting under control, I was gaining stamina, finishing big interval workouts with good power, my sports drink changed significantly , and I wasn’t absolutely trashed after every big training day. In fact, I was became the cyclists who was better on day two, three and four of a training block or stage race. My nutrition was supporting my training and my performance improvements were undeniable. 

By uncovering the holes in your current sports nutrition, we can create a plan for you to overcome your current barriers, so that you can be the powerful, consistent athlete you deserve to be.

I'm a scientist, a coach, I listen to my clients, I do the research, read the evidence and use my over 13 years of experience working with athletes to create sports nutrition solutions that are easy to apply and leave you feeling powerful, energetic and ready to smash your training and races.

Want to learn more?  Fill in the contact below and let's have a FREE 15 minute call to discuss how we can help.


Brittany Dunbar - MSc, Sports Nutritionist

Brittany is a lifelong athlete and is currently a competitive triathlete. She completed her undergraduate degree Brock University in Physical Education continuing on as a graduate student where she completed her MSc focused on protein metabolism in skeletal muscle while competing on the varsity cross country team. Brittany went on to complete a post graduate certificate in Nutrition for Sport and Performance with Niagara College. 


Coupling her knowledge and personal experience, Brittany understands what it means to train hard, recover well and fuel for performance. Having experienced RED-S (relative energy deficiency in sport) in her younger years, she aims to educate her clients about the importance of meeting energy needs for sport and life. We are excited to have Brittany as part of the NSAG team and she is ready to help athletes reach their highest potential. 

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Listen to my podcast Imperfect Progress with Anne Guzman here!

Learn from experts about sports nutrition for cycling and endurance sports, mindset and overcoming adversity.

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