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What are Anne's clients saying?

"Anne transformed me. Additionally, Anne was immediately responsive to my queries and she regularly checked-in to see how I was doing and feeling. This was reflective of Anne’s quality customer service, which I greatly appreciated."
DJ Dart 

"I first sought Anne’s council because I knew that if I wanted to take my training and racing to the next level, I needed every advantage available. I knew I wasn't getting the most out of myself during training and racing because I was missing the nutrition component of my training plan. 


In just four weeks, Anne completely changed the way I looked at nutrition and fueling. I put complete trust into Anne’s plan and learned how to efficiently fuel my body on, and off, the bike. By eating nutrient rich foods, spread evenly throughout the day, I began to feel better and train better, almost immediately.


 By implementing Anne’s fueling strategy, I feel great at the end of a 4 hour ride, I am able to put out a solid effort on the last of a series of intervals, and I am able recover more quickly."


Serena Bishop Gordon 
Professional Mountain Biker - Team Liv Giant


"I thought I knew the basics of sports nutrition, but I always struggled to maintain my goal racing weight—or even to figure out what my racing weight should be to maximize my power-to-weight ratio, to ensure that I could last through a long bike racing season, and to maintain enough energy to combine racing with working full time as a law professor.

It turns out that the fundamental basics of sports nutrition that I thought I knew are totally consistent with Anne’s approach. 

Anne doesn’t follow any crazy new fads of recommend any magic potions.  But fine-tuning the basics to address the challenges of becoming leaner while simultaneously training and racing hard is complex. 

I now realize that just as I would struggle to train if I didn’t have the guidance of an expert coach, I was struggling for years with my nutrition without Anne’s expertise."

Molly Van Houweling

Masters World TT Champion

Masters National TT Champion

tttt (2).jpg

"I’m passionate about sweating on my bike, not over my stove.  Anne always takes this into account when designing my plans, and giving me tips, so that I can fuel my body in a quick, efficient, fun, and healthy way that I know I can, and want to stick to.

With Anne’s plans I try new foods and new ideas all of the time, but she makes them all easy, and chooses foods that are all easily accessible to me whether I’m at home or racing on the road.  As a professional cyclist, this makes fueling my body fun, healthy, and simple.

Anne has taken all of the guesswork out of hitting the right balance of carbs, protein, and fat in my diet, as well as nutrients, calories and timing.  As a professional athlete, not having to constantly analyze the little details really takes a load off my back so I can focus on my training, and I’m confident that my body is getting everything it needs. 

Thanks Anne!"


Lex Albrecht- Professional Road Cyclist

"My energy levels increased dramatically and I no longer suffered from significant fluctuations because Anne was able to stabilize my blood sugar levels from nutrition alone. My immune system improved and the frequent illnesses all but disappeared.
Anne transformed me. Additionally, Anne was immediately responsive to my queries and she regularly checked-in to see how I was doing and feeling. This was reflective of Anne’s quality customer service, which I greatly appreciated."
DJ Dart -competitive cyclist
"Once I started working with Anne I instantly noticed an enormous difference in how I felt, not only on the bike, but off it as well.  My stage racing Stamina has really improved.
Anne has done an amazing job at helping me learn which foods to eat, when to eat them and the overall importance of nutrition within my training plan. Anne also has a lot of belief in me and is always very positive along the way!  I now feel confident in the nutritional choices I make to see that my body is properly fueled before, during and after a training ride or intense race."   
Mary Zider  
Professional Road Cyclist - Team Colavita
Mary Zider.jpg
"For the past 2 months Anne has incorporated my “race weekend” nutrition plan around build weekends and race days so that when the time comes in August my race day is like any other Sunday! At least from a fueling perspective.
I’ve lost over 15 pounds with Anne while building muscle and fitness. I’m not hungry or bored with my nutrition and I certainly do NOT feel deprived! I repeated a ½ ironman course from last year’s season and shaved 25 minutes off my official time – a large part of that was directly related to having a full tank of fuel all during the race- especially coming off the bike.
Anne’s support, positive attitude, and fabulous sense of humor have also made it a pleasure to work with her."
Eva Marlow - Ironman Athlete

In October of 2008, on a Sunday morning mountain bike ride with a friend, I missed the landing on a small jump and broke my back, rendering myself paralyzed from the chest down.


Determined to stay active and set goals, I learned how to swim, bike and run with just my arms, and went on to complete my first triathlon just two years after my accident. Three years later, in August of 2013, I became the first Canadian paraplegic to successfully complete a full Ironman race, taking 2nd place in a time of 12:32:54, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Currently, even though I am in the best shape of my life, I realize that proper nutrition is key to optimum fueling and recovery, and any weight that I don’t have to push with my arms, will translate into faster times and better results.


In just four weeks of working with Anne, I began to see improvements in my energy levels, recovery, and body weight. Determined to find the limits of my ability, I look forward to learning how to dial in my nutrition over the long-term, and hope to make it to Kona by 2016.


Robert Buren - Canada’s First Paraplegic Ironman (Louisville Kentucky, 2013)

Robert Testimonial.jpg

If you’ve ever been sidelined by asthma and allergies, you know how desperate you can become to alleviate the symptoms. How desperately you just want to feel normal. I was willing to try anything, including a very strict diet based upon the well-intentioned advice from a medical
professional who did not truly understand my lifestyle.


Over a few years I wore myself down, chronically under-fueled, unable to recover properly or
engage in the level of activity I wanted. I found myself in a downward spiral, still suffering from asthma and allergies, and now horrible recovery, poor morale, low energy, and constant blood sugar crashes. My
boyfriend packed snacks for my “code reds”.  I started avoiding riding with friends, fearing I would have terrible legs, or wheeze the whole time. It took me awhile to realize that instead of not being strict enough, maybe I was on the wrong plan.


Enter Anne. Anne helped me dial in a new diet that included the right ratios of carbohydrates, protein, fat and nutrients. She taught me how to plan ahead and prepare for big activity weekends. I expected Anne to help me with these aspects of nutrition, but what I did not think about, and am most grateful for today, was the emotional support and transformation. Instead of
experiencing wariness or fear or stress at every meal, I feel relaxed and happy, celebrating great food that I know will make me feel good and enable me to have enough energy to ride, swim, ski and play, without “Code Reds”.


It would seem that everyone would benefit from science-based nutritional advice to help not only view eating as carving a path to long term health and vitality, but also to gain the confidence and empowerment to know you are making informed decisions based upon best available science, not social fads or ill-suited advice.

Nicole Strong - Avid Mountain Biker

Nicole Strong.png

I knew that coming into Ironman Arizona 2013, family and life commitments were going to put Ironman races on hold for a while after this race.  I wanted to get the most out of this 4th Ironman experience. I had done a great amount of training and things were “on track”. 


When I started working with Anne Guzman, that’s when things really started to change.  She noticed holes in my eating and foods that I was missing for proper training.  She was able to accurately diagnose my “tried and tested” methods and help me understand why they were only producing the results they were, and not better. 


Together we tried new methods of nutrition during training and in no time results started to happen.  As a result of Anne’s help, I saw my personal best Ironman time improve by almost 30 minutes.  I would not hesitate to recommend Anne or work with her again. 

Thanks Anne!


Bryan Gerson -Ironman Athlete

Brian Gerson.jpg
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