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Muscle Strength or Hypertrophy? Are you Training Properly For Your Goals?

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Most people have specific goals when they head to the gym. Looking to put some size onto your legs or arms? Looking to gain strength for a sport or for rehabilitation? Just want to age well and have strength and mass?

If you ask google, you'll come across a lot of philosophies, forums and blogs about training. Some are ridiculous and others, like the article I have linked below, have their facts based on scientific evidence from people with decades of experience in the field.

Although many factors will contribute to how well you maximize muscle strength or hypertrophy; including sports nutrition, genetics, sleep; it's important to keep focused on theses elements: volume of training, % of 1 REM and rest between sets.

Stuart Phillips and Robert Morton out of McMaster University have written an excellent paper linked below to outline the latest science in relation to muscle strength and hypertrophy.

Don't waste your time searching google and potentially falling into forums with endless false anecdotal information. Learn from those who have committed decades to the research and have accumulated the evidence. Then, try it for yourself and be consistent, that's key!

Click on the link below!

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