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I want to keep you competing and training, because I know consistency is a cornerstone to reaching your goals.


Many endurance athletes suffer from bone stress injuries or injuries from crashes that may otherwise not cause a break, due to low bone mineral density. Bones heal slowly and bone injuries can take you away from your sport for a significant time.


Poor bone health can also significantly impact your quality of life when you're older and prevention is everything. You want to be active after you're done competing too.


You're going to learn several strategies to opotomize your bone health which include nutrition, specific exercises, supplements and doses, and lifestyle considerations and factors specific to your training schedule that may be problematic.


Currently, this program will run live one on one, which will give you 1.5 hours with Anne, where you can discuss some of the course material and ask questions on the spot. Spaces are limited monthly, so sign up today!


What's included?


  • 90 minute BETTER BONES course live with Anne on Zoom!
  • Includes pdf handouts and video demos to supplement course content
  • Demonstration of postural exercises for the spine (you'll do them too!)
  • Demonstration of specific resistance training exercises for vulnerable areas of the skeleton 
  • Recommendations for Calcium, Vit D, other supplements with evidence to support bone health
  • Training nutrition tips that support bone health
  • Discussion of lifestyle factors 
  • Resources for bone health recipes, risk assessment tests etc.  


So many athletes are restricting nutrition or excessively exercising, not realizing the damage that may be occuring to their bones. Maxmizing bone mass occurs up to our mid twenties, and everything we do until then is critical to our future bone health. Osteoporosis is called the silent thief, because we don't feel bone loss happening. Don't wait to start caring about your bone health. It's not something that is easily reversible and can seriously impact your quality of life. 


Click the red button and sign up today. Athletes, it's time for BETTER BONES!

Better Bones for Endurance Athletes

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